Demo 2012

by Tri-State Era

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Tim Sandrey - Bass/Vocals

Shane Williams - Guitar/Vocals

Mike Rak - Guitar

Adam Szulczewski - Drums


released May 18, 2012

Recorded and mixed by Alex Katz & Jacob Davidson



all rights reserved


Tri-State Era Connecticut

The Kings of Outer Fucking Space

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Track Name: Are You Listening Now?
you should have left it buried deep in the back of your mind
i refuse to take shelter as your arrows aim and try to pierce mine

confide in those friends knowing they're artificial and temporary
you left me to try and keep calm with all the weight in the world to carry

okay were fine, i've heard it a thousand times
how can we just coexist if you leave my life just to crawl back in
you wore me out, you wore me down for good
you fucking wore me out and now its your turn

you're carefree in a temporary sleep
don't wake up and greet me
you're naive, faking your apathy towards everything and everyone you meet

but i'm proud, i've kept my head on straight this time around
reset the switch inside my head to turn off every time your name is said

but i regret, its the thoughts that never left
i still feel high from those months spent forgetting we exist
i know its hiding somewhere, so ill fucking find it in there
drag you out through the words i wasted, & all the bullshit stated
heres my last attempt, my dying ode to them
i've come to terms with this
Track Name: Breeze Home
we're surrounded with fire
close minded cutthroats and liars

you've saved yourselves this time
confined with senseless, self willed tension
both you and i know what your opinions got to show
discretion? we're looking in your direction
so you can continue to be as fake as you want to

this campaign of condescensions gone too far
its a curse to this collective and who you really are
two tongued and arrogant with misguided words that you hide in

i just cant shake the feeling that all of this is wrong
its structured to fall, you're going to lose it all
describing your credentials/ like its never been done
when i was there, every single one

what you have to say you try so hard to save
with misused metaphors left on the venues floor
all your affected hooks, and all the time it took
to step in someone else's shoes and pretend they're yours

theres a difference between actual heart ache
and just having something to say
hide the fact that you've been found out
you're untrue with nothing to sing about