Between Us and What Could Have Been Saved

by Tri-State Era

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Tri-State Era is:
Shane Williams
Mike Rak
David Vitola
Brian Shepherd
Adam Szulczewski

All music by Tri-State Era
Lyrics by Shane Williams and Mike Rak


released September 8, 2015

Produced by Tri-State Era and James Palko
Recorded by James Palko November, 2014-May, 2015 at University of New Haven Recording Studio A (West Haven, CT)
Mixed and Mastered by Daniel Florez and Jay Maas at Getaway Studios (Haverhill, MA)

Artwork by Ned Smith and Dalton Patton



all rights reserved


Tri-State Era Connecticut

The Kings of Outer Fucking Space

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Track Name: Star City, West Virginia
I've been pacing down side streets
towards the same path that haunts me
and traps my viability
between your sheets and the concrete beneath me

but i cant wrap my head around the thought of ever waking up

I spent far too much time this year on a thousand highway drives
through my own atmosphere
The next neon stop sign flashes bright and then it dies
like the chances I once had before they all just passed me by

I've come to terms with death and adolescent dreams
and how close to me, how close they truly seem to be
If I cant make this work, then I'll drive until it burns

Suddenly the planet folds right out in front of me
and the engine light reads "Maybe next year, maybe you'll be free"

Alive for the first time
Track Name: Under The Skin
So let's pretend like we're meant to go in our own directions
but where I'm headed is somewhere I'll never know
cut all connections

Wake up early and push the best days of my life aside
It's past the point of procrastination
when petty problems just control my time

In the back of my mind I've fallen behind
with the lack of potential while making a mess of mine
I'm struck with the fear of failing with every word you tell me

Would you believe me if I told you this was all for the best
I swear I'll get it right the second time
Track Name: Seven-Act Summer
You're a constant ring in my ear from the skyline
a tone that bends and breaks against the mountainside
I call to myself while rejecting the echoes in disbelief
I cant hear anything

That summer changed you
You fell for the first one who fell for you
That whole summer changed you
Your spirit crashed and flew right through the window

If there's a god he's not looking down on me
am I alive or am I just breathing

Cornered against the earth, you threw a stone at your enemies
but that stone hit me
and my failed attempt at empathy

Cornered against the world, you swore at your enemies
and my ears were claimed
in an on-going war between us and what could have been saved
Track Name: Bad Sense
There's really nothing to be proud of
between bad sense and circumstances
and how we fumble the two (separating the truth)
before we run out of light to move

There are nights where I die only to shoot back to life
granting the voice in my head and how it always ends up right

I'll speak clearly so you wont misunderstand me
you're not understanding
as church bells sing and fall back asleep
I cry wolf and you're always

So take a snapshot or portrait framed for the world to see
it would show the rift between you and me
hidden from your way of life
things that cant be caught with the plain eye
it would shine light on the truth
that we're both dead and alive at the same time

I've come to terms with how we lose so effortlessly
on the path that haunts my reality
diving from tragedy to tragedy

And so on
Track Name: Fake It
Hey man, you can paint us as has-been to late fans
but we'd rather wait for all of this to end
than meet the agenda for the poster boy of a weekly trend

It's hard to see the full frame
that you're the prey for their new campaign
And how your moves are masked with a force disguise of subtlety
hiding all of your insecurities

We wont fake it for the airwaves
or force it until it caves in
but we'll still sing anyways, because we still have something to say
even if we're rejected and overlooked anyways

It's sad to say

We wont fake it for the airwaves
or force it until it caves in
but we'll still sing anyways, because we still have something to say
in a state where nobody's listening
Track Name: I Am Listening
I see right through you to the other side
your frame in unnatural light
it's misleading

what a life
I wake at dawn just to see that you've gone

what a life I lead
how it pertains to you and me

Now I'm singing along
I'm singing this song out through broken receivers
it shorts and it breaks as the antenna shakes
a high pitch scream that rips and tears out the speakers

I've spent this whole year fumbling through wires
caught between stations until it all clears
if only then I knew
that I'll never learn from the mistakes I've lived through

I'll never learn
(I'm carefree in a temporary sleep, don't wake up and greet me)
(I'm naive, faking my apathy towards everything)